Sunday, 1 November 2015

Looking for an Adventure?...JFDI

So you've been thinking about going. You've seen the pictures, you've followed your travelling friends Instagram, you've viewed a blog or two... but lets face it, its just not the right time...
  • You need to save for at least a year, so you'll book it when you have the money?
  • You've still got finance left on your car?
  • Your friend has just got engaged, so their wedding will follow soon?
  • Your job is just starting to get interesting?

If you're anything like me you will have a great idea, one that you find yourself really passionate about, but also find a thousand reasons not to do it. 


You can find a thousand reasons to do something just as easily as you can find the reasons not to do it. 

Make a list

Yes, I mean the typical boring old pros and cons list... but with a twist. For every con, or every problem you find, write down a corresponding solution...

Solution 2
I need to save for at least a year, so I'll book it when I have the money
·           I can actually save £200 a month at the moment for 6 months

·         One night out costs me £100… If I go on one less night out a month I can save that.

·         If I went to my friend’s for tea instead of eating out once a month that would save £30 a month.

·         If I cancelled my gym membership and went for a run instead that would be £30 a month.

·         If I cut down the price I spend on birthday/Christmas presents by £10 a person I can save an extra £100

·         I can make do with the clothes I have (let’s face it, I’m not going to need those winter jumpers in the sun), I don’t need to buy that new outfit/shirt… I can spend tha £50 a month to save

·         … and all those lovely winter clothes I have somebody should get the use out of… I can stick them on ebay and earn about £100

·         If I cut down from 7 cigarettes a day to 5 I will save £150 over 6 months… or quit completely and that will save £510

All of a sudden you have £3130 and more than enough to book your flights within the next 30 days. 

Once your flights are booked everything else will fall into place because you've committed.

After that, visit websites such as skyscanner and kayak and track the price of that flight you've been looking at.

A few tips for getting the best prices on flights

  • Set a price alert so you are informed of price drops on the flights you are looking for...

  • Avoid booking the flight on a weekend, especially a bank holiday weekend. Travel companies put the prices up over this time.
  • Try and also get a flight leaving on a weekday as these tend to be cheaper.
  • Before buying your flight, clear the cookies from your computer and search for the flight again (through cookies, travel companies know you've been searching the same flights numerous times and can put prices up because they know you're interested)

But most importantly...

JFDI!!! There's no time like the present.