Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Waiting to go.

If you're anything like me, working out your notice will prove to be a challenge (I have three months to get through). Whilst I've got one eye on contracts, I've got the other on that one way flight. I'm finding my head sentences going something along the lines of 'Each Party’s total aggregate liability to the other Party... I wonder what food they'll serve on the plane'... right re read that sentence... 'Each Party's, ooh party, I wonder who I'll meet and what I'll wear?'... no, read the sentence again and FOCUS!.... oh its never happening, its on the to do list for tomorrow!

I've not had the luxury of planning as I booked my flight to leave as soon as my notice period is complete. If you have the luxury of planning, then clothing is definitely something to plan in. Its one thing taking clothes for a holiday but another when you're considering your the start of forever. I'm still unsure what I need, but I'll be sure to let you know when I get there.

One thing I do know is that buying general summer clothes in the UK in November is near impossible, even finding something that isn't deep red, midnight blue, or black is a struggle.  Very have had a good end of summer sale, which they usually do so I've managed to get a bikini for £5... score!

Clothing wise its difficult planning for summer in Australia when you're faced with the run up to Christmas in Liverpool. My plan is to go with the bare essentials. I'll buy a few cheap staple items but the less I spend now, the more options I have when I get there.

My travel plans all seem quite conceptual right now, like some distant dream, and I guess it has always been a bit like that, the only difference is that I've booked it... the art of JFDI!

For now, I'm safe in the knowledge that tomorrow as I get up in the dark, and put on my black suit, and grey shirt and revisit that contract, things are going to happen, my life is going to change, I have the power to paint tomorrow and I'm painting it full of colour.