Friday, 6 November 2015

Escape the Friday Feeling

Friday evening and its wine o'clock.

I've been waiting for this time all week, same as last week, same as the weekend before. I left work to a glorious sky, full of reds, and oranges, and blues and purples. The building I work in is an old converted aircraft hangar with an old, retired plane in the grounds. I wonder what adventures that plane has taken people on?

After my fist pump Friday feeling, and cuddles with my baby (my gorgeous miniature schnauzer, jack) I started to get a bit excited about my next little adventure. In two weeks time I'll be taking in the sights along the river Liffey and having good old banter with the locals in Dublin.

Time to check out some blogs to plan my little break. I found a really good post by Nomadic Matt hi inter a good overview of all the things to do in Dublin, prices to expect, where to stay. I definitely want to visit the Guinness Storehouse Experience, and The Blonde Abroad has some good pics.

This time I'm taking my lovely mummy and my mad auntie so I need to make sure I plan in some things to do or I can see us turning Irish this trip.

This is making me realise more and more that I can't keep waiting for Friday. My life is going by as I count the Fridays, the weekends, the holidyas, the Christmases. I don't want to hit forty and never have lived. The time for living is now. You never know, you could get run over tomorrow.... Best make sure I wear matching underwear just in case 😉