Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Join the road to freedom

Traveling was never at the forefront of my mind. I didn't have a sense of unfilfilment, I didn't need to 'find myself', I was doing ok.

I had finished university and embarked on my corporate career in insurance. I can't say it was the job I'd always dreamed of when working hard at my law degree (aka developing my expert drinking skills and making new and equally wayward friends) though I had entered a brilliant FTSE 100 company and I was making it my mission to reach the top.

Fast forward six years, several boardroom pitches, numerous commercial contract negotiations, thousands of miles travelled, and a healthy salary, and I have found myself quite accomplished at quite a young age.... So what now?

Through coincidence, fate, or a carefully constructed coincidence, for the first time since I was 18 I am in a very unique position. I have no commitments. I am free.


It happened on a mountain top in Spain. In the picturesque, serene village of Cabrera, all those pieces fell into place. Ulysses had finished instructing his Pilates class, and I must admit I was a bit relieved as I'm not one for excercise, but I was stretched in all the right places and it was time for my evening juice. I was partaking in a retreat in which I was able to remove some of the noise from my brain and my life.

I had been going round and round the same questions.... Where is my focus? What do I want to do? There must be more? Do I work my balls off in my career? Travel? Buy a house? Start my own business? Get myself one of those dreaded boyfriend things and settle down? Buy a house? Look for a new job? Travel? Buy a house? Emigrate? Learn a language?

It was the inspirational Alison Holden who ran the retreat through the Nutritional Healing Foundation who set me on my path.... "You can ask what if? What if? What if? If you don't allow yourself to feel vulnerable and take a risk you will still be in the same position in 12 months time. Pick something and JFDI"

So that was it. I decided to travel, and my adventures started.